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Welcome to Animals in the Attic of Buffalo! We are a professional wildlife removal company servicing Buffalo New York. We specialize in the removal of critters from the attic of homes and businesses, and are respected in Buffalo as the best wildlife specialists for this unique work. Whether you have a family of squirrels, an infestation of rats or mice, a destructive raccoon with babies, or even a colony of bats or birds, we take great care to remove the wildlife from your home safely and effectively, and we solve the problem permanently, with guarantee! We provide all the services needed - from complete 30-point home and attic inspection, to the trapping or exclusion of all the animals, including any nests of babies, to complete animal-proofing and repairs, we do it all. We also provide attic cleanup services, if needed. To see our prices updated for 2020 visit and click "prices".

We are fully New York licensed and insured. We operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Call us any time, and we will be happy to discuss your critter problem, and provide a price estimate for the work needed, and schedule a same-day or next-day appointment. Call us any time at 716-650-4630. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Serving Buffalo and the following townships in Northern Erie County, NY: Alden, Amherst, Cheektowaga, Clarence, Depew, Lancaster, Newstead and Akron.
All of Genesee County, NY including the towns of Alabama, Alexander, Batavia, Bergon, Byron, Darien, Leroy, Pembroke, Stafford, and Pavillion.

Buffalo Critter Tip of the Month

Where should I relocate a trapped raccoon? If you have captured a raccoon in a trap but don't want to kill it, there are options you can select that will allow you to remove the animal from your property without having to kill it or worry about it coming back. You obviously went to the trouble of making sure that it didn't die, and want to look after the critter, so a great option can be to relocate it, but you may wonder where.

Finding the right place to put the raccoon can be a real challenge. You want to make sure that it will survive in its new environment, but that it will not return to your home. This can be a tough choice, but there are some good options for you that you can opt for.

Before looking at the options, it needs to be mentioned that the transport of the raccoon needs to be done very carefully. Even in a cage the raccoon can be dangerous to you. It will try to bite and claw at you so wearing heavy gloves is very important. Also wear an extra layer of clothes to make sure that you are not clawed or scratched. This can be dangerous.

Also, in whatever vehicle you choose to do the transportation, make sure that you line the vehicle with a tarp or plastic wrap to keep the raccoon from leaving waste in or on your vehicle. Raccoons carry a lot of diseases and parasites and you surely don't want that in your car.

Ok, now that you have made the proper steps to protect your health and your, it is time to talk about what to do to move the raccoon. There are three primary places that you can look for that make sense. The first of these is to choose to take the raccoon to a public land like a park or a forest. Do not leave it at the edge and drive off. Take it into the woods and let it go so it can easily find food and camouflage. In fact, giving it some food before you go would be good.

You can take it to big open area like a hills or wetlands. Again, give it a little food and send it on its way. Also ensure that there is no dangerous creature around when you let it go. Lastly, look to take the raccoon to a wild like preserve. These are special places that take care of wild animals and have a home for most that are brought there.

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If you have animals in your house, it's important that you hire a company that will do the job correctly. We do a complete job from start to finish, for a permanent solution to your Buffalo pest control wildlife problem. We inspect the house, remove all of the animals humanely, repair the damage, and seal the entry holes with guarantee, so that you never have crittes in your attic again. Call us any time at 716-650-4630 for complete wildlife removal in Buffalo. We look forward to hearing from you! We service all of Erie County, including downtown Buffalo, Lackawanna, Tonawanda, and the towns of Alden, Amherst, Aurora, Boston, Brant, Cheektowaga, Clarence, Colden, Collins, Concord, Eden, Elma, Evans, Grand Island, Hamburg, Holland, Lancaster, Marilla, Newstead, North Collins, Orchard Park, Sardinia, Tonawanda, Wales, West Seneca, and the villages of Akron, Alden, Angola, Blasdell, Depew, East Aurora, Farnham, Gowanda, Hamburg, Kenmore, Lancaster, North Collins, Orchard Park, Sloan, Springville, Williamsville, and more. We also service Niagra County, and the cities of Lockport, Niagara Falls, North Tonawanda, the towns of Cambria, Hartland, Lewiston, Lockport, Newfane, Niagara, Pendleton, Porter, Royalton, Somerset, Wheatfield, Wilson, the villages of Barker, Lewiston, Middleport, Wilson, Youngstown, and more.