Animals in the Attic

Attic Restoration - Cleanup Services

Sometimes the animals in your attic leave behind large amounts of feces and urine, which can constitute a health risk. You may want attic cleaning services.

Attic Restoration - Cleanup Services

How much does attic restoration cost? Most companies charge an itemized fee, which might look something like this for an 1100 sq foot attic:
Insulation & Feces Removal: $1.50 per square foot x 1100 feet = $1650
Microbial Disinfectant & Deodorizing Application: $200
BioHazard Waste Disposal: $200
Installation of New R30 Insulation: $1.00 per square foot x 1100 feet = $1100
TOTAL: $3150

Of course, methods and prices vary by company. For a free price quote, click here for a your town and give us a call, and we can quote you for your attic. Some cases might just require a BioHazard spray with spot removal of feces for $400 total, and some might do a full insulation vacuum with re-insulation for $4000. In many cases, this service is not necessary at all. But if you have significant feces buildup or actual risk of disease, then it might be worthwhile. The price of attic restoration varies by company, and for many companies, it is just a profitable add-on that they try to force you to buy, even in cases in which it is not needed. You might want to put on a HEPA mask and headlamp, and inspect the attic yourself, if you're not sure! And always ask for photos of damage and contamination. It might be heavy, but it might not.

Attic Restoration - Cleanup Services

Vacuum the Small Feces

The small droppings of rats, mice, squirrels, and bats can be vacuumed up if they are not present in too high a quantity. Be sure to use a good filter vacuum.

Remove Large Feces By Hand

Raccoons and Opossums leave lots of large feces in the attic. If not doing insulation replacement, then at least remove them by hand - with gloves.

Decontaminate the Attic

I use special enzyme-based cleaner which breaks down & neutralizes organic waste. I apply it with an electric atomizer sprayer, which fogs the attic with a fine mist.

Full Insulation Replacement

If your attic has a heavy amount of animal waste, or if risk of disease is a concern, you may opt for full insulation removal and replacement.

Animal feces in your attic - Get an idea of what the problem might look like. You can click on the following web pages to see photos and get more info about the feces of these animal species: Squirrel Feces Photos, - Raccoon Feces Photos, - Rat Feces Photos, - Mouse Feces Photos, - Bat Feces Photos, - Opossum Feces Photos.

Information About Attic Restoration - Cleanup Services

When animals live in your attic, they can create significant damage and leave a big mess behind. Attic restoration is the process of restoring your attic to the original condition prior to the animal infestation. This can involve repairing chewed electrical wires and air ducts, but it most importantly involves the cleaning of animal waste. Read more about animal feces in the attic for photos. The droppings and urine can act as a vector for disease, such as Leptospirosis, salmonella infection, raccoon roundworm, hookworm, Cryptosporidiosis, and more. Most of these are of lower risk, and only occur if feces is accidentally ingested or in some cases if dust is inhaled. Feces and urine can also be a fertile place for mold growth, which can cause harmful spores or Histoplasmosis. Again, occurance of these is rare, and depends largely on you interacting with the feces in the attic. But there are other reasons to clean the attic, such as odor issues. Even in you don't notice the odor, other animals will, especially since animal waste often contains pheromones that attract other animals. Even the smell of rodents can attract snakes into the attic. Your attic may contain nesting material, and parasites such as fleas or mites, which can get into the house and bite. Attic restoration isn't always necessary in my opinion, but if you have a heavy amount of attic damage and animal waste, it may be a good idea.

How much does attic restoration cost? It is usually priced by the square foot. But other factors, such as the level of soilage, can impact price. There's really no way to know for sure unless a full inspection of your attic is performed. However, it is not cheap, and a big job with insulation replacement can be several thousand dollars. Sometimes homeowner's insurance will cover the cost. If you want to find out the cost to clean your attic, click here for our local pro in your town, and talk to them.

The Bottom Line

Animals in the attic always leave waste behind, and it can be a carrier of diseases, as well as cause other problems. Attic restoration isn't always necessary, but if you have a heavy amount of attic damage and animal waste, it may be a good idea to clean the attic. The cost of attic restoration isn't always cheap, but it may be a good investment in your health or the value of your building.