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Sometimes birds enter the attic of your house and live there. Follow the below advice to safely remove birds in your attic.

How To Get Birds Out of Your Attic

Birds do sometimes live in attics. An attic is a big, dry, safe place to live in, and certain species of birds will enter an attic to roost and nest. Pigeons, Barn swallows, starlings, House Finches, House Sparrows are all candidates for birds in a house or attic. Sometimes they'll just roost under the eaves, or in the eaves on the soffit, but often they will enter the attic given access.

Birds in the attic cause a few problems. First of all, they poop everywhere, and this feces, or guano as it is also called, can be a host for mold growth, and it can contain certain pathogens. Don't touch it, and be careful breathing around it. Are Birds In The Attic A Health Risk? In addition, the feces can attract bugs like cockroaches. Birds also bring in nesting material, which can be dirty or clog vents or cause a fire hazard. Birds can also bring in lice and bird mites which can get in the house and bite.

To remove birds in the attic, you have to find out how they are getting in. You can trap them, or potentially shoo them out with a leaf blower, or best of all, set one-way exclusion doors that let them out but not back in. Be sure to not leave any nests of young behind! If you need professional help, we service most of the United States: click here to hire us in your town.

How to Get Rid of Birds in the Attic - 4 How-To Steps

1 - Inspect the Attic, Identify Bird

Inspect inside your attic for bird sign. Look for the animal(s), or their feces, or tracks, or damage so that you know what kind of bird you are dealing with. The feathers are the best clue, as are the eggs in the nests.

2 - Inspect the Exterior of the Home

If you've got birds in the attic, they are getting inside somehow. You have open holes or gaps leading inside the house! You must find these areas to solve the problem. In the above photo, I've mounted a trap on the entry/exit hole.

3 - Remove or Trap the Birds

The best way to get rid of bird in the attic is to either exclude them or trap them. In the above photo, I've set a bird trap to catch the birds. But really, the best way is to set one-way doors or netting that allow them out, but not back in.

4 - Repair Entry Holes and Clean

To prevent the problem from happening again, seal shut the entry hole(s)! Also, in the case of birds, it's a good idea to clean all the droppings in the attic and remove the nesting material and feathers.

HOW MUCH DOES BIRD REMOVAL COST? Prices vary depending on the situation. Some jobs are simple, require only one service visit, and might be as low as $100. Some jobs are complex, require multiple service visits, home repairs, attic cleanup, and so on. Prices can also vary by city. To get the best price estimate, call our technician in your area: Click here for a free price quote over the phone in your town.

Information About Birds in the Attic

How to get rid of birds in the attic -If you have birds that have gotten into your attic then you know this can be very difficult to get rid of them. Because of their ability to fly, it can be very hard to trap them so that you can get rid of them from your home. This means that you need to find some other methods to get them out.

You could turn to some kind of poison to kill them off. This is a quick solution, but it requires that you will have a lot of cleanup to do afterwards. Now you may not be bothered by that idea, because you are already going to have to do a lot of cleanup. Birds hang from the rafters or perch themselves on items you may have in your attic and leave their waste below them. You may already have a lot of work to do to clean up their messes, and so picking up some dead birds may not seem like too much additional work. The truth is this option will work.

If you want something more humane then you need to look at some option where you can scare them out. Once they are out you will have to seal the area where they are getting in so they cannot get back into your home.

For many animals the use of a one-way funnel is the solution. However, this does not work very well for birds, primarily because they cannot flap their wings while getting through the funnel. Thus they will avoid going through this entryway where they cannot get back in.

Your option then is to get them go to go through the way that they have entered your home but to try to get them to do it in one massive shot. The thing to consider is that if they are startled enough they will not turn around to try to get right back in. They will all fly away and looked to return at a later point. You will have just fixed that by that time so that they cannot get back in.

The way to do this is to put some loudspeakers and lights inside the attic very quietly. Once it starts to hit daylight turn on the speakers very loudly and the lights very brightly. This will startle the birds and they will try to escape toward their entryway. If you have a dog, it is also a good idea to have that animal chased the birds around. This will really get them to go away.

If the birds have nest and eggs, they will be less likely to leave. You may have to physically remove the nests and eggs to get the birds to vacate the attic. Read about eggs in the attic that can come from birds and about Nest in the Attic - How to Remove Nests.

Once outside, now you just go and seal up the entryway so that they cannot regain access. This will resolve your problem and now there’s just the cleanup left to do.

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The Bottom Line

How to get rid of birds in the attic - they are not so easily just "gotten rid of". But they can be properly and effectively removed, and the problem can be prevented from happening again. Remember to follow the steps above, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. It is not easy work, but if you don't remove the birds in your attic, they will go on to cause further damage. When you do decide to remove them, please remember to treat the animals with respect, and take the work seriously, and remember about the presence of baby birds in the attic. You can get rid of birds in the attic if you follow the correct approach. Best of luck!