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Welcome to Animals in the Attic of Dayton! We are a professional wildlife removal company servicing Dayton Ohio. We specialize in the removal of critters from the attic of homes and businesses, and are respected in Dayton as the best wildlife specialists for this unique work. Whether you have a family of squirrels, an infestation of rats or mice, a destructive raccoon with babies, or even a colony of bats or birds, we take great care to remove the wildlife from your home safely and effectively, and we solve the problem permanently, with guarantee! We provide all the services needed - from complete 30-point home and attic inspection, to the trapping or exclusion of all the animals, including any nests of babies, to complete animal-proofing and repairs, we do it all. We also provide attic cleanup services, if needed. To see our prices updated for 2020 visit and click "prices".

We are fully Ohio licensed and insured. We operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Call us any time, and we will be happy to discuss your critter problem, and provide a price estimate for the work needed, and schedule a same-day or next-day appointment. Call us any time at 937-790-4057. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Dayton Critter Tip of the Month

How to get Raccoon out of your attic - Raccoons are considered in the list of most massive and disturbing wild-urban animals. They spread a lot of mess around the places they chose to visit. Raccoons are also noticed to spread deadly diseases. This is just no the end of evilness of the raccoons in many cases it is found that raccoons were behind the injuries done to the pets and children. In some cases raccoons have killed the pets especially the cats.

Getting rid of the raccoons is not an easy pie you have to take a lot of precautions and follow some important guidelines before doing anything to get the raccoons get out of your home. This includes trapping, repelling and also preventing them from entering your place again. Raccoons have become familiar to the common methods used by the people to avoid them so it becomes harder to deal with them. However following this guide can help you getting rid from the raccoons.

Close the gaps:
Like the most security systems focus on that is fixing the holes and filling the security gaps to achieve better security. Raccoons are silent intruders they tend to enter your places such as gardens, garages, kitchen areas and out houses from the secret entrances that you often don't care about. These gaps are the welcome gates for the raccoons. Closing them is quite a good idea.

Offer them a bad scent:
Raccoons are widely known for their extra ordinary and extra sensitive nose which not only allows them to smell the food but also to identify threats. This superpower is sometimes a weakness for them. Raccoon's extra sensitive nose makes them intolerant to some smells mostly strong smells of chili and pepper. Spraying chili, pepper or mint sprays at the entry holes can make the raccoons go away from the place.

Trap them:
Often it is found that sealing the holes and spraying the repellents is not enough to permanently avoid the raccoons as the population of this species is increasing day by day. Trapping them and then transporting them to a place wild away from the home can help.

Punish them:
After all it is cruel to hurt any wild animal and probably illegal in most countries but teaching them with traps like the body clamping traps can make them run out of your place and never look back again. This will make them afraid to enter the place again.

Poisoning the last option (Not recommended):
Killing a wild animal is not humanly action neither it is legal at most places. But giving them some drug and making them unable to move for a while can give you freedom to move them out of your place. However there are some other techniques which are implemented by people who are annoyed with raccoons. Shooting, drowning or actually cutting them with traps and swords is noticed. But as you can understand it is inhuman and not recommended at all.

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If you have animals in your house, it's important that you hire a company that will do the job correctly. We do a complete job from start to finish, for a permanent solution to your Dayton pest control wildlife problem. We inspect the house, remove all of the animals humanely, repair the damage, and seal the entry holes with guarantee, so that you never have crittes in your attic again. Call us any time at 937-790-4057 for complete wildlife removal in Dayton. We look forward to hearing from you!