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Welcome to Animals in the Attic of Kalamazoo! We are a professional wildlife removal company servicing Kalamazoo Michigan. We specialize in the removal of critters from the attic of homes and businesses, and are respected in Kalamazoo as the best wildlife specialists for this unique work. Whether you have a family of squirrels, an infestation of rats or mice, a destructive raccoon with babies, or even a colony of bats or birds, we take great care to remove the wildlife from your home safely and effectively, and we solve the problem permanently, with guarantee! We provide all the services needed - from complete 30-point home and attic inspection, to the trapping or exclusion of all the animals, including any nests of babies, to complete animal-proofing and repairs, we do it all. We also provide attic cleanup services, if needed. To see our prices updated for 2020 visit and click "prices".

We are fully Michigan licensed and insured. We operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Call us any time, and we will be happy to discuss your critter problem, and provide a price estimate for the work needed, and schedule a same-day or next-day appointment. Call us any time at 269-679-6559. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Our service range includes downtown Kalamazoo, Comstock, Portage, Texas Charter Township, Cooper Charter Township, west to Mattawan, east to Galesurg and even Battle Creek, and more.

Kalamazoo Critter Tip of the Month

How to get Opossum out of your attic - Due the ability to survive and a flexible diet Opossums travel place to place in search of food. This perfect nomadic creature can be seen various regions of Europe including south and North America and some parts of Australia. Carrying the pubs in pouches like kangaroos makes them more mobile. Which makes them wander in suburban areas of these countries. People encounter these nomadic animals often and want to prevent them.

By following these steps you can get complete rid of the Opossums. This can be used as a guide which not only promises a complete preventions but also the precautions to take for the future and safety precautions to take when repelling and capturing the Opossums. Opossums can be prevented from entering you attic by blocking the entrances and prevention can be done with some nature-friendly techniques.

Block the entrance: Opossums can get into by various mediums and entry points as they are good climbers. Which includes the wall roof-tops and holes in the compounds of the garden.

Block the food supply: As the Opossums generally migrate from one place to another in search of food and water. So if you can block the food and water supply for them they will leave the place right away.

Repel them with natural remedies: As repelling is an easy option in most cases of the Opossums you can choose the natural sources available around you. This includes pepper, chili and garlic which you can either spray or scatter near the places Opossums visit frequently.

Live trapping: Live trapping the Opossums is the best solution you can use. There are live-capturing traps available in the market. Catching the Opossums in live traps and then releasing them in the wild is the best way you can use.

Precautions for future: As Opossums are perfect nomadic animals they can visit your place again and again. Which may make you go mad. Taking some precautions after and before prevention from Opossums will help you in future. The precautions include sealing the food sources such as garbage, storage rooms and in kitchens. This precautions also includes blocking the common access points such as the tops of the walls and holes made by the rats or Opossums themselves.

Following these steps will give you complete satisfaction from the Opossums. As these are the nature-friendly and safe ways to follow. This can effectively protect you from the side effects of the chemical repellents. And also gives you an option to killing of the wild animals. However some of these methods needs precautions like properly handling the traps and taking care of pets and children.

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If you have animals in your house, it's important that you hire a company that will do the job correctly. We do a complete job from start to finish, for a permanent solution to your Kalamazoo pest control wildlife problem. We inspect the house, remove all of the animals humanely, repair the damage, and seal the entry holes with guarantee, so that you never have crittes in your attic again. Call us any time at 269-679-6559 for complete wildlife removal in Kalamazoo. We look forward to hearing from you!