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Welcome to Animals in the Attic of Lakeland! We are a professional wildlife removal company servicing Lakeland Florida. We specialize in the removal of critters from the attic of homes and businesses, and are respected in Lakeland as the best wildlife specialists for this unique work. Whether you have a family of squirrels, an infestation of rats or mice, a destructive raccoon with babies, or even a colony of bats or birds, we take great care to remove the wildlife from your home safely and effectively, and we solve the problem permanently, with guarantee! We provide all the services needed - from complete 30-point home and attic inspection, to the trapping or exclusion of all the animals, including any nests of babies, to complete animal-proofing and repairs, we do it all. We also provide attic cleanup services, if needed. To see our prices updated for 2020 visit and click "prices".

We are fully Florida licensed and insured. We operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Call us any time, and we will be happy to discuss your critter problem, and provide a price estimate for the work needed, and schedule a same-day or next-day appointment. Call us any time at 863-232-5058. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Lakeland Critter Tip of the Month

Opossum Trapping: How to trap an Opossum - Opossums can make your place dirty by spreading the bit and messing the surrounding objects on the floor. The possums while entered in the house can also cut off the wires and also can cause your health to get disturbed. Repelling the Opossums is an option to get them away of your place. But this won't offer a long time solution. So trapping the Opossums is a good idea.

There are mainly two types of the traps available out there. One is live-trapping and other is body clamping. The live-trapping traps are designed not to kill the Opossums but to trap them without a harm. These traps are useful when you're a peaceful person. Other type of the trap is called the body-clamping trap as the name suggest these traps are generally made to clamp the Opossums. Clamping the body parts of Opossums can led them either to lose their feet or eventually kill them.

Some other types of traps which uses sharp blade or nails to inject it into Opossums body. These are called as instant-killing traps. As killing is insane these types are not mostly recommended. Using the safe capturing traps is both easy to use and less bloody way to get rid of Opossums. After all nobody like to spread animal blood in house.

As of possums can live in variety of atmospheres and can eat different types of food it is easy to bait them. You can place nearly every eatable item as a bait but flesh meat and insects or fruits are the one that Opossums eat frequently. Putting the trap at right place with right bait is the main thing in Opossum capturing. You can take a break after setting the trap for Opossums. Once you capture the Opossums in the cage of trap it is recommended to neatly cover the trap with cloth.

After capturing the Opossums you can release them with care at a place far from your attic. This is the most effective and eco-friendly way to get rid from the Opossums. Better keep your hands off the Opossums as they can bite real hard while aggressive. Not too common but the bites of Opossum can led to infection. If accidently an Opossum bites you apply an antiseptic quickly and wash it off.

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If you have animals in your house, it's important that you hire a company that will do the job correctly. We do a complete job from start to finish, for a permanent solution to your Lakeland pest control wildlife problem. We inspect the house, remove all of the animals humanely, repair the damage, and seal the entry holes with guarantee, so that you never have crittes in your attic again. Call us any time at 863-232-5058 for complete wildlife removal in Lakeland. We look forward to hearing from you!