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Welcome to Animals in the Attic of Reading! We are a professional wildlife removal company servicing Reading Pennsylvania. We specialize in the removal of critters from the attic of homes and businesses, and are respected in Reading as the best wildlife specialists for this unique work. Whether you have a family of squirrels, an infestation of rats or mice, a destructive raccoon with babies, or even a colony of bats or birds, we take great care to remove the wildlife from your home safely and effectively, and we solve the problem permanently, with guarantee! We provide all the services needed - from complete 30-point home and attic inspection, to the trapping or exclusion of all the animals, including any nests of babies, to complete animal-proofing and repairs, we do it all. We also provide attic cleanup services, if needed. To see our prices updated for 2020 visit and click "prices".

We are fully Pennsylvania licensed and insured. We operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Call us any time, and we will be happy to discuss your critter problem, and provide a price estimate for the work needed, and schedule a same-day or next-day appointment. Call us any time at 570-240-4883. We look forward to hearing from you.

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We also service Wernersville, Whitfield, Spring Ridge, Laureldale, Temple, Mount Penn, Reiffton, Lorane, Kenhorst, Shillington, Wyomissing, and more.

Reading Critter Tip of the Month

How to get House Mice out of your attic - House mice are living and surviving various situations since centuries. They are able to easily sense and then ditch various dangers around. Getting the house mice out can be hard but with right techniques it can be done. Getting rid of house mice is crucial as they can spread various bacteria in your house and turn your home into a place of diseases.

There are various products available in the market in the range of thousands of types. Starting from the repellents to cages they all promise to help getting rid of the mice. But most of them fail in doing so. The poisons and rat-kills used by the people didn't affect the mice as they can identify them due to frequent use of them. These products barely work and they can harm humans as well as the pets in the house if came in contact. It's not advised not to use them as there are dangerous side effects of them.

There some precautions that you can take such as blocking the holes the mice use to enter and leave the house. But doing so won't really help as the mice are able to jump about 50cm they can easily tackle the obstacles and make new ways to enter the place. You can use the traps to trap and repel the mice. But as live trapping won't really help as no matter how many mice you trap alive they will be coming again. Using lethal snap traps to catch and kill the mice on the spot will help as it's a quick and easy solution.

Lethal snap trapping traps are always effect because the bait kept at the target attract the mice. And as there is no poison on it mice tend to come and eat it. This technique is effective but you may have to clean the blood spread on the floor while killing the mice. You can also pour water into the holes the mice are using. This will drown the mice in their home. This will not only kill the mice in bulk but will also break the reproduction chain of them by killing the female mice who tend to hide in deep mice holes and give birth to new infants.

However if you are looking for more efficient, long term and reliable solution to prevent the house mice then the answer is house cat. House cats are the natural predator of the house mice and they can easily kill them. If you are having a cat in your house mice will sense it and won't enter the home again. Using cats it is not only easy to repel and getting the mice out of your attic but also it is efficient enough to be implemented. All you have to do is bring a cant home and you should not forget to keep the cat a bit hungry so she will eagerly catch the mice and eat them up.

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If you have animals in your house, it's important that you hire a company that will do the job correctly. We do a complete job from start to finish, for a permanent solution to your Reading pest control wildlife problem. We inspect the house, remove all of the animals humanely, repair the damage, and seal the entry holes with guarantee, so that you never have crittes in your attic again. Call us any time at 570-240-4883 for complete wildlife removal in Reading. We look forward to hearing from you! We service all of Berks County including Reading, Wyomissing, Blandon, Shillington, Birdsboro, Kutztown, Whitfield, Hamburg, Lorane, Pennside, West Reading, Reiffton, Fleetwood, Boyertown, Sinking Spring, Laureldale, West Wyomissing, Amity Gardens, Jacksonwald, Riverview Park, Mount Penn, Mohnton, Kutztown University, Kenhorst, Womelsdorf, Flying Hills, Hyde Park, Wernersville, Topton, Robesonia, West Hamburg, Leesport, Temple, St. Lawrence, West Lawn, Fox Chase, Lincoln Park, Grill, South Temple, Muhlenberg Park, Shoemakersville, New Berlinville, Oley, Greenfields, Alleghenyville, Bally, Colony Park, Stony Creek Mills, Spring Ridge, and more.