What Kind Of Damage Can Opossums Cause?

Compared to other animals that can take up residence in your home, possums don’t cause too much damage. That being said, they will still cause a considerable amount, costing you lots of money to replace damaged materials and clean up the space.

Torn Ducts, Insulation, And More
Most of the physical damage that possums cause to the existing structures in your attic will be part of their quest for nesting material or a spot to nest. Ask any wildlife removal expert and they will tell you that they have seen these marsupials cause an incredible range of damage, including to insulation, air ducts, and other items.

Waste Material
Although it isn’t damage to your property, the biggest type of “damage” that opossums will cause is leaving waste behind. These animals go to the bathroom very frequently and unfortunately, their feces are large. To make matters worse, the feces are typically spread throughout the entire attic or other area where the possums were living, making it even more time consuming to clean up. Of course, they will also urinate all over the attic, damaging materials in the way. Don’t forget that the smell of the urine and feces can attract parasites and turn into a breeding ground for bacteria.

Food Waste
Opossums will also bring their meals into the attic and leave behind whatever is left over. These leftovers can then begin to rot, attracting flies and creating a horrible smell in your attic. Since possums are omnivores, the range of leftovers can vary greatly, including small animals, fruits, and whatever garbage you had lying around.

What To Do About The Damage
The first step to taking care of the damage caused by opossums is to get the animals out so they can’t cause any more issues. You will want to work with a wildlife removal expert to trap and relocate the animals in a humane manner. Then, you can go about cleaning your attic and assessing the damage they did to your property. Always wear protective gear while cleaning the space the possums were in, including a face mask and double bag their waste products. You will want to finish by using an enzymatic cleaner in the space to get rid of any bacteria. Don’t forget to have a handyman or other expert inspect your attic or wherever the possums were as well to see what items need to be repaired or even replaced. You will need to toss any insulation the possums used as nesting material or defecated on.