Opossum Trapping Methods

Out of the various animals that can live in your home, opossums are one of the critters that are easier to trap. Just remember that unless you take steps to stop more possums from coming into your house by sealing up entry points and taking away their food sources, trapping and relocating a possum will only be a temporary solution. Because of this, you need to always combine trapping with preventative techniques and home repairs. Before buying the trap, confirm that you can legally trap possums in your area and that you don’t need a license to do so. This can vary by county so do your research and avoid fines.

Confirm It’s An Opossum Without Babies
Before you can go about trapping the opossum, you need to confirm that it truly is one of these animals and that there are no babies present. This is the perfect time to make sure you know how many possums you need to trap so you have a better idea of how many cages to get as well. You can still trap the possums if there are babies present; you just need to be careful not to separate the mother from her young.

Pick Your Trap
You always want to use a live cage trap to catch opossums and it should be made of steel. The ideal size will be 32 by 10 by 12 inches at a minimum. In most cases, manufacturers make it easy by telling you which cages were designed to trap opossums.

Bait The Trap
Once you have your trap, find a sturdy area to place it. Make sure it won’t wobble as this will deter the possum from entering and may also pose a safety risk for it. Opt for a shaded area so the trapped animal won’t be sitting out in the sun. Obviously, you also want to place it somewhere you know the opossum goes on a regular basis. Now you are ready to bait the trap. While possums are omnivores that will eat nearly anything, you should still be picky about the food you use. Possums will be attracted to wet pet food, for example, but so may your neighbor’s cat so it is a good idea to avoid meaty bait. Instead, consider marshmallows or bread.

Check Your Trap
Only set the trap for the possums when you know you will be able to check on it regularly. You never want to leave the animals exposed to the elements as this is a health risk for them and inhumane. Check your local regulations to see what you should do with the trapped possum. There may be a designated area to release the animal or you may be required to bring it to a specific location for evaluation and release.