Squirrels in the Attic

Do squirrels chew on wires?

Sure they do! I see it all the time! In most squirrel infested attics!

Do squirrels chew on electrical wires?

Yeah, squirrels love to chew. They probably got in your attic by chewing their way in. Once inside, they like to chew on several things, but they especially seem to like electric wires. I'm not sure why. Perhaps the texture is good. They don't always chew on wires, but they do it enough that I'd check out all your wiring if you've had squirrels, in case of a fire risk. Of course, if you've experienced an outage or circuit breaker pop, you might want to check for squirrel wire damage in the attic.

Photographs of Squirrel-chewed Wires

Chewed Wires

Squirrels frequently chew on wires. Luckily in this photo, the chewed area does not touch wood, and is less of a fire risk.

Chewed Electrical Wires

Squirrels are rodents, and thus they chew all the time to sharpen their teeth. They love to chew on electrical wires for some reason - maybe the soft texture.

Information About Squirrel Damage in the Attic

What kind of damage do squirrels cause in an attic? Squirrels are cute little animals that prance around your yard, but they can be very dangerous and destructive. These creatures not only carry disease, but like to burrow and make a mess of areas they can get into. This means that you can see some serious damage to your home.

So what kind of damage can a squirrel cause you may wonder? Well, let us start with the obvious first. Squirrels need to relieve themselves at times and so they will relieve their waste as needed, no matter where that is in your attic.

Honestly having squirrel urine and feces in your attic is bad enough in and of itself. That is enough damage on their own, but that waste can have parasites and disease in it that can be terrible for you, your family, and your pets. Plus they can breed and turn your attic into a disaster area for years. This can lead to mold and mildew as well, which can ruin your home.

Besides waste products there is the obvious problem of squirrels getting into things. Your insulation is likely to take the biggest beating, because the animals may not only want to use it as bedding, but they will put their waste on that as well. Because disease can spread you may have to replace a large portion of your insulation.

If you have boxes of clothes, linen or books, you may find that squirrels have dug into these boxes to get materials out of there that they think would be good for building a nest. Keep in mind that they simply don’t pick out what they want and put everything else back where they found it originally. They tear apart what they want to use, and they tear apart that they don’t care about either. What you wind up with is a big mess, and all your materials may be destroyed as well.

Then you have to consider the damage that may occur directly to your home. Squirrels may gnaw on your siding or boarding to make other access points. They may tear apart wiring and covering. They can destroy paint, tear up coverings and make a general destruction of the look and feel of your home. Plus a really persistent squirrel may find a way from the attic down your walls and then you will have a real mess.

Know that if a squirrel has found its way into your attic you have some work ahead of you.